This site is a public facing archive of all of the lore from the FaeVerse / Faerie projects by Subsoap. In our projects, we sometimes have Lore Cards which are fragments of stories and together form a larger world. They are a way of breadcrumb story telling. Other story content may contribute to this project’s body of work as well.

If you want to freely read the lore, share links it, or reference it, that is what this project is for. Please do not redistribute the content of this project in any form.

Getting Updates

If you want to get notified of major lore additions to this site then the best way is to sign up to the main FaeVerse + Subsoap mailing list on You’ll be sent most new information about FaeVerse while on that list including when large amounts of lore is added to the FaeVerse Lore project.


Reader beware. This project may spoil story as it was meant to arrive in various productions. If you enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together yourself then avoid.

Living Documents

Text may change over time. We take care to keep and respect canon and not implement retroactive continuity. Changes to text should mostly only be to improve the quality of writing and not make changes to the greater story. Sometimes text changes may be necessary to add context when clarity is too lacking. Text changes should never be made to betray or subvert original intent. If you need a reference for canon this is it. The version of the text in this project is the absolute canon version.

Games & More

While much of the lore is shipped along with games, this is more of a delivery method for the story. We will be publishing more standalone story work as well as shipping stories in other forms such as in pure visual novels. We want to build this multiverse to be a big and living while still feeling like every part of it belongs to a meaningful whole.


The word multiverse is used to describe the FaeVerse. This means several things, but the most important meaning is that there is more than one universe within the FaeVerse. Via a given world, there may be connected pocket realities which are not strictly of the main universe, and there are spaces between the various realms which do not follow the same universal laws.

Story Seeds

A Story Seed is a fragment or episode of a greater story which may already be a part of a project’s story, may not be fully written yet, or may be in progress of being written. Members of the Subsoap Story Group are able to direct the future stories of projects, and may pull from a Story Seed of previous lore in order to grow a never before seen story. When a Story Seed is adapted its text may differ from the adaptation.

Unreliable Narrators

Though the text here is canon, many of the pieces of lore were written from the perspective of characters with limited knowledge and with their own agendas / beliefs / philosophies / worldviews. Some lore is of documents written by characters themselves, and they may sometimes be guessing, under the influence of others, or lying. When there is multiple lore which seem to contradict each other it’s important to consider that source of the information in universe may not be reliable, or that the disparity in what is implied to be true may simply be the difference of characters having different experiences on different worlds.

Subsoap Story Group

Unless otherwise stated, the author of a given lore falls under the Subsoap Story Group. This is a small collective of people who work under Subsoap to ensure story telling quality and consistency. The membership of this group is mostly a secret. Joining this group is not easy. A good start if you want to get involved with crafting the FaeVerse is to read all of the lore, begin to engage with our community, and apply to become a Beta Reader then follow through with giving quality feedback when requested.

Beta Readers

Do you want to help improve our future storytelling? Become a Beta Reader for Subsoap today and get early access to story content in order to provide general feedback. Most of the content on this site went through a similar process of sending out to a select few and improving over several rounds of feedback. Do your part to help shape the FaeVerse Lore!


If you found a typo then please either mention it in the Subsoap Discord or e-mail us at [email protected] with a link to the page where you found the typo and what you would suggest for a correction.


You can contact us to suggest tags to be added to specific lore pages or to request for descriptions to be added to certain tags (tag descriptions are added manually).


If you are interested in working on translations of the entire project for your native language then please contact us.


We have nothing against fanfiction, we only ask that if you want to produce some kind of fanfiction based on FaeVerse that you treat it with dignity and respect.